Kizer’s greens explained

I played Kizer about a month ago with a buddy of mine, and can verify that the greens were atrocious (even for my crappy standards). I thought they should just put down a Big Break-style scoring grid on the greens, and based on the circle where you land your approach shot (or 3rd chip, for some of us), you add a certain number of strokes (“putts”) to your score. The way we actually played, anything inside of about 6 feet was a gimme. Just brutal. So it was interesting to see some kind of explanation for what’s going on down there. I hope they can get it back on track soon- I really like the course, and it seems to suit my game pretty well.

Artist\'s rendering of Kizer\'s greens
Like this, but with lumps and bumps

Kizer Confidential: What went awry with ol’ Roy’s greens (via Statesman’s Backspin blog)


2 thoughts on “Kizer’s greens explained

  1. Played Airport G.C. today, and I didn’t see anything quite like that out there. Nice greens didn’t help me, though; shot 60. Ugh.

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