This can’t be good

These videos (containing NSFW-language) from the Columbus Crew’s weekend match with New England have been making the rounds, and while I don’t know quite what to make of them, any conclusion you can reach isn’t a good one. I won’t pretend to know anything about MLS or the Crew, outside of the fact that I guess they’re perennial disappointments but this year seem to have turned things around with an “ugly” style of play that frustrates and irritates their opposition. Is the over-the-top behavior by the Crew supporters some kind of reflection of the team’s style of play or attitude? Or is that just a coincidence? While the cheap joke is that this behavior is nothing compared to Hineygate on Michigan (or any other) weekend, I’ll assume (maybe falsely) that there’s probably not tons of overlap between these MLS football idiots and OSU football idiots. If my assumption is true, then why is everybody so angry in C-bus?

(note: I like how Soccer By Ives explains that streamers are the real issue of concern here. That’s what I was thinking…)

(h/t The Big Lead: via Soccer By Ives)


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