Memorial tournament round-up

– Congrats to Kenny Perry, who won the ’08 Memorial Tournament on Sunday.

– By all accounts Perry is one nice guy. But my favorite fun fact about Perry? His hometown of Franklin, Kentucky apparently didn’t have a public golf course, so he took out a $2.5 mil loan and built one. Rumor has it that he occasionally even works behind the counter. Cheers to that.

– The conditions were brutal at Muirfield Village all week, with 20-inch high rough and greens reading 20 on the stimpmeter*, leading many of the guys to piss and moan and threaten that players might start skipping Jack’s tournament because of the difficulty. Cry babies.

– Did he or didn’t he? Jack always waits by the 18th as the last few groups finish up, and usually says a few words and/or shakes some hands. When J.B. Holmes finished up, he walked right by Jack without saying anything. I think it’s basically a non-story, but I noticed it when I was watching and so did other people. I know you’re pissed at shooting 77 for the final round, but come on. I’ll give Holmes the benefit of the doubt, but if he was really trying to give Jack the cold shoulder, then that’s pretty weak.

– Memorial in photos: The Sand Trap has a nice gallery of photos from the weekend.

– The Tiger in the Room: You know Tiger’s the man when he’s not even playing right now and a profile of him is the golf article of the weekend.

– You didn’t play golf this weekend because you had a rec league softball tournament? Turns out that other sports might help your golf game. I’ve heard that Jack never played tennis because he feared it would throw off his golf game (too much right wrist?). It’s interesting that in the article it’s said that tennis players make good golfers by switching hands (i.e. right-handed tennis players golfing left-handed).

* not true

[UPDATED 6/4: Found an article summing up the players’ complaining.]


2 thoughts on “Memorial tournament round-up

  1. Totally unrelated (although I’m a big Kenny Perry fan, too)- I think it’s time that S@H took a stance on the MMA (particularly the UFC). I’d be interested to know what you think of it. Personally, our little group up here at C-bus watched one of the pay-per-views in December (we got dragged to a bar for it), but we’ve ended up watching every one since.

  2. dude- freaky. I am literally writing a MMA post right this minute. I haven’t seen any UFC, and missed the Kimbo Slice thing on Saturday, but saw the WEC fights last night.

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